Naturally Inspired

We love nature. We study it, accept it, and immerse ourselves in it as often as we can.

We have decided to commit our lives to the intimidating task of recreating and honouring nature in all of it’s beauty.

A daunting endeavor to say the least …

… we feel like we’re up for the challenge.

Landscaping projects

Water is Everywhere

Almost all of our designs incorporate water as focal point. In our experience water tends to evoke emotion in all of our customers.

Ok, you like your patio and we’re sure your deck is fantastic, but, you will absolutely love the benefits a water feature can bring to any environment.

We’re certain you will find yourself sitting by it as often as you can … it will change the way you experience your outdoor space … and your family.

Waterscaping projects


We are craftsmen and take old school pride in our work.

We will be waiting at your door, enthusiastically, to start every day until the job is complete.

If you love nature and water and you don’t mind having a bunch of enthusiastic nature nuts working at your house for a little while, then get in touch.

We’ve won some awards!